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Android Car DVD navigation intelligent audio and video system application prospects


With more and more navigation R & D and manufacturing enterprises cited Ruan Zhuo system, the the Andrew system in the field of car DVD navigation become the trend of the fact that almost has become the consensus of all professions. The car machine within the industry in order to deepen the understanding of the industry, to further enhance their professional quality, to better serve the industry vendors and terminal owners Sharingdigital to teach Andrews technical expertise, and AC Andrews system application prospects.

Android system has 2.5 million active data, the new 700,000 a day, with 36 OEMs and 215 carriers, broad prospects for the future. Bian Zhuo WINCE system wince system hardware conditions requiring a lower, relatively cheap, but wince as a closed system, in terms of user customization showing a distinct disadvantage. The openness of the Android system to enable it to have a strong scalability and customizability, the user experience feel very good. CARPC comparison, android have CARPC all the advantages, and to avoid significant shortcomings, such as poor touch experience with low temperature performance is weak. In addition, especially on android Apple IOS system were compared and analyzed.

Car DVD navigation industry, 2014 is the product platform system for large-scale upgrading of the year, a major trend in this technology upgrade, android has strong vitality of the market, many enterprises in the second half of the year will achieve from prototype to mass production goods across.

We will release Android OS 6.1 systems in 2017, you can pay more attention to our company SharingDigital - www.sharingdigital.com. We will share the market new products of Android Car DVD navigation intelligent audio and video system to you.

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