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What is the range of your products ?

An: Our products range including:


一:Car DVD/GPS for Germany    

  • For VW Series    
  • For Skoda Series
  • For Audi Series    
  • For BMW Series  
  • For Benz Series    
  • For Opel Series     

二:Car DVD/GPS for French     

1.   For Citroen Series     

2.  For Renault Series  

3.  For Peugeot Series   

三:Car DVD/GPS for UK         

  • For MG Series

四:Car DVD/GPS for SWEDEN  

1. For VOLVO Series


五:Car DVD/GPS for USA       

  • For FORD Series
  • For GMC Series  
  • For Buick Series 
  • For Chrysler Sebring Series

六:Car DVD/GPS for Korea    

  • For Hyundai Series 

2. For Kia >Series      



七:Car DVD/GPS for Japanese

1. For Toyota Series   

2. For HONDA Series  

3. For Nissan Series  

4. For Mitsubishi Series

5.For Suzuki Series  

6. For Mazda Series   

7. For Subaru Series  

八:Universal Car DVD/GPS     

1. Double Din Car DVD/GPS 

2. One Din Car DVD/GPS   


九:Headrest Car DVD/Monitor       

1. Headrest DVD   

2. Headrest Monitor

3. OEM Headrest   

十:Roof Mounted Car DVD/Monitor  

1.Roof mounted DVD    

2.Roof mounted Monitor  

十一:Rear View Camera             

1. OEM Rear View camera     

2. Universal Rear View Camera  


十二:Car Accessories             

  • DVB-T Tuner  

2.ISDB-T Tuner   


4.IR Headphone

5.Video Splitter  


1. Stand Alone Monitor     

2. Sun visor DVD / Monitor    

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