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What is the product/purchase guarantee ?

An: Your satisfaction is our priority, and all products bought with Sharing Digital comes with a 12 month Warranty. Sharing Digital will not provide repair freely for the following situation:
1. Any failure and damage caused by accident and misuse.
2. Improper repair and refit in other place expect our company admitted maintenance station.
3. Any failure and damage caused by fall-off after the customer bought.
4. Any failure and damage caused by fire, earthquake, flood,lightning stike and other natural disaster, Public hazard, Transportation, abnormity voltage, chemical corrade. 
5. Any failure and damage caused by the products are not manufacturered by our company.
6. Any failure caused by lampblank, dust, water, direct sunlight etc.
7. Any failure and damage caused by worked long time in the place of ship or industry and commerce. 
8. The details of the warranty car is incomplete or altered and removed. 
9. The serial No. On the product has been removed or altered.

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