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Car DVD with android development


 Android system developed by GOOGLE company,As the google issue it
  by free way and google have very power for market.when many maker
  face apple's oppression, and Winphone system and Microsoft's slow,
  they only can chosen the android system. After 3-4 years of upgrade,
  android has confirmed the leader status in the intelligent terminal
  operating system, and GOOGLE alway is  free way and strength, in the
  next  5 to 8 years, no competitor can anticipate and challenge it.

  Car DVD with navi development after some years, from the single chip
  microcomputer distributed structure mode and  ARM system mode,android
  system begin into car dvd system from 2011。
  Now, Car Android system mainly have  three modes:
  A. single android system mode
  B. Double system mode
  C. car dvd link to mobilephone mode

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