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Shenzhen Sharing Digital Technology Co.,Ltd

Company Details:

Business Type : Manufacturer
Main Market : North America
South America
Western Europe
Eastern Europe
Eastern Asia
Southeast Asia
Middle East
No. of Employees : >50
Year Established : 2006
Export p.c : 90% - 100%

FAQ Service

1 Can you ship the products to my country ?

An: Yes, Sharing digital deliver goods to the countries of worldwide. However, you need to check your local Customs if need any special Licence or tax rate for importing products from china. When you are going to do business with china suppliers, it’s your responsibility to comply with any applicable procedures/charges from your local Customs and Law.


2. Can you ship the goods to remote area address ? How do I know my address is remote area ? Do you need additional delivery charges for the remote area ?

An: 1)、Yes, our courier can ship all goods from sharing Digital to the remote area address.

2 ) 、Pls go to DHL site at the link http://remoteareas.dhl.com/jsp/first_main.jsp to select city name and input your zip code, which show the result of status information whether your address is remote area or not.

3 )、 Pls note that the remote area charge is not being asked from sharing digital. We need to pay the additional remote area charge to express air company. (UPS, DHL , TNT, FedEx ) , because your delivery address is too far from logistics centers.


3、 If I place an order today, when can I expect delivery?
An: At Sharing Digital, we carry 50% of our products in stock, and for all purchases, we endeavor to have your product delivered to you within 24 hours for stock items from clearance of payment. The courier will require a signature on delivery so please ensure someone is available to accept the delivery.

For out of stock items, it will be dispatched the shipment within 3-5 working days for sample order, Within 5-7 working days for 50pcs around, within 7-10 working days for over 100pcs once payment has been cleared .


4、 How do you ship the products ?

An: We have 3 shipping way as bellows:

j By Express Air Courier ( door-to-door service ): DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx, EMS, this way do not need to customs clearance.

k By Air ( Airport – to –airport ) , this way need to customs clearance .

l By Sea ( Seaport-to-seaport ) this way need to customs clearance .


5. Can I use my own courier account to ship my orders ? Or must I use your own shipping ?

An: Unfortunately, Sharing Digital can not ship the order by your own courier account, you could select our shipping method ( DHL, UPS, EMS Air express courier ). If you have own courier in china, you could inform them to pick up the goods from our office.


6. How much does shipping cost ?

An: It depends on the following conditions:

1、The quantity of the products.

2、The weight of the shipment.

3、The shipping method.

4、The country.


7. How to ensure I can receive the goods from China ?

An: 1 ) We guarantee your products will reach to your destination safely in good condition. We ship your order by Air express courier according to your choice of DHL, UPS, EMS. All goods from sharing digital deliver the shipment in Hong Kong, which do not need customs clearance. It is fast and convenient for us to deliver your order without any problem in china customs.

2 ) After dispatch the shipment from sharing digital, we will inform you the tracking number, you could input tracking number on the related shipping website to check the status of your shipment.

3 ) When the goods arrived at your destination, if your customs need some document for customs clearance, they will contact you to confirm details of your shipment, if your customs need some special document to release the shipmen.


8. Can I check my shipment by your tracking number on the site ?

An: Yes, when we dispatch your shipment, we will inform you the tracking number by email or online.

If you have not received a tracking number from us, it probably means we have not sent out your order yet or salesman from sharing digital forgot to inform you. You need to contact our salesman for the details of your order.


9. What if the goods does not arrive ?

An: 1) Pls contact salesman from sharing digital who serve you and to ask them whether your order has been shipped or not. If the order has been shipped, using the tracking number provided to track your Shipment on the website of the shipping company. If the goods are still in transit, please wait and contact your local shipping company for the shipment. If your order still hasn't dispatched , please ask salesman from sharing digital the exact delivery time and confirm details about your order schedule.

2)If the delivery fails or long time because of the following reason:

A: You removed office or home in a short time or invalid address, courier can not contact you.

B: you were not at home at that time when courier send the goods.

C: Your address is remote area, the courier can not deliver.

D: The recipient fails to accept the goods because high taxes or other reason.

E: Delivery fails due to war, disaster, or other similar scenarios beyond our control.

F: Customs clearance delay.


10. What if the package is lost or other products before it reaches you ?

An: It happens such cases very rare a year if use our courier service, perhaps 1 in 10000 shipments from our exportation records.

Firstly, we will make Analysis and investigation for the package and make compensation. Please note confirmation of such cases will take some time for pending compensation between sharing digital and express courier.


11. What can I do if I did not receive my goods ?

An: Pls contact our salesman who serve you and ask whether your order has been shipped or not. If the order has been shipped, using the tracking number provided to track your Shippment on the website of the shipping company. If the goods are still in transit, please wait and contact your local shipping company for the package .

If your order still hasn't shipped , please ask your salesman the exact delivery time and more details about your order schedule.


12. What happens if my purchase arrived in a damaged condition or missing some items ?

An: Before sign, pls must check the item quantity without problem or Panel in good condition carefully. If there is problem for the item quantity or products in damaged condition.

Firstly, take the whole photo including the shipping box, item gift box, the item in damaged area. The photos will be used for the process to find out the damage caused, meanwhile, you need to keep the original packing case for investigation from the courier. Meanwhile, pls also indicate the dimensions of the package, the gross weight of the entire package including shipping box + product + all accessories included on the package) for later reference.

Secondly, follow the correct reporting process as bellows:

  • Contact your courier ‘s local office immediately to issue a formal complaint.
  • Provide the requisite photos to us, we will also contact our courier here.
  • Our delivery team will evaluate and investigate whether your missed product was the result of delivery of packing error or not. If it is packing error from our delivery staff, we will send the value of the missed products or correct product to you. On the other hand, if it is mishandling caused by courier, sharing digital will follow your claim with the courier’s china office. We will ask for the compensation to you for the missed products caused. Once sharing digital receives the details and photos clearly evidencing the damage products, and confirms the products were indeed damaged during transit, we will make a replacement to you when receipt of your damaged articles, both of us cover the shipping cost.

13. What happens if my purchase is Faulty ?

An: You must inform us within 5 working days upon delivery of any faulty or defective items describing any problems which might be experiencing. Many problems are wiring or resetting problems which can be sorted by telephoning us or by email and seeking advice. However if a product is faulty, we would advise you to contact our salesman.

14. What is the product/purchase guarantee ?
An: Your satisfaction is our priority, and all products bought with Sharing Digital comes with a 12 month Warranty. Sharing Digital will not provide repair freely for the following situation:

1. Any failure and damage caused by accident and misuse.

2. Improper repair and refit in other place expect our company admitted maintenance station.

3. Any failure and damage caused by fall-off after the customer bought.

4. Any failure and damage caused by fire, earthquake, flood,lightning stike and other natural disaster, Public hazard, Transportation, abnormity voltage, chemical corrade.

5. Any failure and damage caused by the products are not manufacturered by our company.

6. Any failure caused by lampblank, dust, water, direct sunlight etc.

7. Any failure and damage caused by worked long time in the place of ship or industry and commerce.

8. The details of the warranty car is incomplete or altered and removed.

9. The serial No. On the product has been removed or altered.

15. What is the returns policy ?

An: Due to the competitive prices we offer at Sharing Digital, we are unable to accept return goods purchased due to a change of mind. We advise our customers to ensure that they are buying the correct item when placing their order. If you are unsure with any product/purchase or simply need advice, please contact us and a member of our senior salesman who will be able to clarify any incompatibility issues and recommend a suitable product.

If you want to return the faulty to us, Pls post it with warranty card to our company. The warranty card assure that any problem under the guarantee period.

1 ) Please show the warranty card to us when the merchandise requires to repair during the guarantee period,

2 ) Assure the merchandise that must be exactly the same on the warranty card under the guarantee period. If discover the registered details and the serial number has been altered or doesn't the same on surface of the product, please contact the seller immediately

3 ) Please send the item back to us with the original receipt and all contact details including the fault

This guarantee specifically excludes faults caused by accident, neglect, and misuse. This does not affect any statutory rights that you may have.

  • Taxes, Customs, Duties  

1 . Does your price offer inclusive delivery charge/taxes ?

An: The price quoted from Sharing Digital are not inclusive delivery charge and VAT.

2. Do I have to pay VAT ?

An: You do not need to pay VAT/Taxes when order items from sharing digital, but you may possible to pay import duties according to your local customs’ policy.

Please note that shipper do not responsible for the import duties, all import taxes / duties are the recipient's responsibility. If you make Drop shipping or ask us ship goods to your friend address, the customs ask for high taxes or less taxes, your customer or friend who will have to pay. Sharing Digital will accept no responsibility for customs costs incurred.

According to our export experience, for private items, small package do not need to pay duties. For large package or company shipment, the customs will ask for the duties according to your item description and value declared, if you want to avoid paying high taxes, we can help you declare at the lowest market price.


3. How Much Tax Do I Need To Pay ?

An: About the import duties, the taxes rate is different for different countries, you must ask your local customs office about the import duties before import items from sharing digital.

4. Can You Declare My Goods As A Gift / Sample?

An: Yes, we can do it. But it is just for small package or sample, we can put the item description as Gift or Sample only. However, we can not guarantee you will not to pay import duties or sales taxes upon receipt of the goods.


5. Can You Declare undervalued My Goods to help with import taxes ?

An: Yes, we can help you declare low value to avoid import taxes for small package or paying high taxes for large order. But you need to tell us the instruction every time you order, so we can declare the value as you request when dispatch the shipment .

According to our rich experience, we usually suggest our customer make 2 payment for the order amount, one payment is for us to declare the low value, another rest payment is for us to deliver the goods. For example, if your order amount is USD1000, but you request us to declare USD50 on the invoice for your customs, so you could make payment for USD50, another rest payment USD950, which can help you pass the customs successfully if they need your payment proof.


6. What should I do if the shipment detained by customs or turned back ?

An: Firstly, we will check why the shipment turned back. If you refuse to accept the shipment without any reason, you will responsible to cover the delivery charge and taxes caused from your destination to china. If it is other reason, you will inform us the exact problem, we will give you solution.

Secondly, if the shipment detailed by customs, normally it is problem for the following issues:

1) Your customs need your import licence or Tax number.

2) Your customs need exporter’s Licence such as CE, LSCD, SISVEL ect.

3) The shipment value declared is less, need to provide real value.



7. How do I pay import taxes ?

An: 1 ), If you use sharing digital courier and have to pay taxes when the shipment reached to you, you just need to pay by cash or your credit card to courier ( DHL, UPS, FedEx ect.), because the taxes are first paid at customs by our courier.

2). If you use your courier or ship the goods by AIR/SEA, you should find a professional licensed customs broker to assist you with the customs clearance when the shipment arrived at the destination.

8. Who provide Import document ?

An: 1 ) The consigner provide document include commercial invoice, packing list, courier waybill and other related certificate if possible ( e.g. CE, FEE, E-MARK, SISVEL, License ect.). Usually, the shipper only need to provide the shipping invoice and courier waybill.

2) The Consignee may provide import license, tax number, Proforma Invoice, Bank payment copy ect. Usually, the consignee only need to provide bank payment copy for customs about the import taxes or do not need any paperwork if they do not check your shipment.


Note: As the importer , you should confirm the details of the shipment paperwork with sharing digital before the goods are dispatched. Or you need to ask your local customs what license, document or certificate they need if import items from china. Anyway, the importer would bear full responsibility for any exception arising from this paperwork.

9. Customs clearance Issues.

An: All of the products from sharing digital are shipped in Hong Kong ( Free trade ), we do not need to customs clearance for exportation.

But if you buy items from sharing digital in china, you are the importer responsible for customs clearnce when the goods pass through customs

in your destination country.

  • If you use our courier DHL/UPS door – to –door service, you do not need to customs clearance. Our courier are responsible for the customs clearance.
  • If you use your own courier, we will not responsible.
  • If we dispatch your shipment by Air or Sea, we are responsible for the customs clearance in china, after the goods passed through china customs, and when the goods arrived at your destination port, you will responsible for the customs clearance and pick up the shipment .



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